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Seijinski – January 10th

Coming of Age Day


Seijinski is a ceremony to celebrate the people who will become 20 years old during the year. During the ceremony, most of the woman wear ‘hurisode’ (long-sleeved kimono) and some men wear ‘hakama’ (pleated skirt-like Japanese garment). They prepare the kimonos about half a year before. Some purchase the kimono, while others rent. Purchase costs about one million yen and rental costs about one hundred and fifty thousand yen.

On the day of the ceremony woman go to beauty salons very early in the morning and have their kimons professionally arranged and their hair done. Then they go to city hall and attend the ceremony. After the ceremony they go to a photo studio. The pictures are called ‘miai-shasin’ (pictures for arranged marriage). That night they enjoy drinking with their old friends as 20 is the official drinking age in Japan.

Seijinski originated in Warabi-city of Saitama prefecture in 1946. In those days Japan was in confusion and collapse due to their defeat during W.W. II. The municipal authorities created Seijinski for the young people to be cheered up. As time went by this party spread all over Japan and is now a National holiday.

Nowadays Seijinski has many problems. In 2001, some men drank too much sake in front of the Naha City Hall in Okinawa prefecture and destroyed the entrance gate which had been set up for the ceremony. Another thing is that the attendant’s behaviors have been getting worse. They talk with their friends during the ceremony or play with their cellular phones. Each city now holds many different ceremonies at separate locations to divide the attendees and try to solve their behavior problems. (Written by my culture student, Ayumi)

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