Japanese Culture Teaching Notes



A Brief History of Japan
Another Look at
Early Japanese History

Ninja History
Ninja – Myths and Legends
Ninja - Weaponry

Sumo – the official sport of Japan
The Sumo Topknot – hair styles

Kyudo – Japanese Archery

Karake – A Brief Introduction

Sports Day and Naginata - dancing with swords

Geisha – The Dancers for the Warriors

Burakumin – the unwanted people of Japan

Kabuki – a Brief History
Taiko Drums

Star Festival – July 07
Obon – The Festival for the Dead
Seijinski – January 10: Coming of Age
Children’s Day – May 5th

The Fujieda Daruma – Yakumo Daruma
The Kokeshi Doll – one for every girl
Origami – A Brief History of the Ancient Art of Paper folding
Tatami Mats – I have a love/hate relationship with them

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